Powerful Insights That Help You Know and Engage Your Online Community

We used to use our church database to export people in specific zip codes to learn more about them. But now with the breadth of information we can learn from Insights+, we’re more aware of who’s in our community, how we can reach them, and how we can serve them better.

– Carlos Fojo, Christ Journey Church

As people connect with churches online, leaders have lost visibility into who’s engaging with their church. Insights+ removes the confusion, using data to bridge the digital gap between you and your people. 

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Bringing You Closer to Your People 

Gain clarity about the people engaging with your church online 

Sort your online audience by members and new visitors, see where they are in the country, how often they view your website, and compare analytics between audiences. 

Understand the characteristics of your known and unknown online visitors

Get more than sessions and pageviews with custom reports and trends that help you go deeper to learn how your online members and visitors are flourishing. 

sample chart Insights Plus understand the characteristics of online  visitors

Built to Serve the Church

Data is already being used to understand people. Why not use it for missional purposes? Insights+ translates data from 300 million Americans and leverages your church management system to bring you powerful insights that you can use to form meaningful connections with your people online or in-person.

Simple integration with any website 

Engaging with your online community has never been easier.

Securely add a list of your people to distinguish Members from Visitors

Engage with your online community on a deeper level 

Connect Insights+ with your website 

See trends and characteristics of your online visitors

Join 18,000+ church leaders nationwide making a commitment to being digitally engaged.

Insights + Testimonials

Data With Intention and Purpose

Top-notch security

Insights+ was created with industry-leading privacy practices. Individual identities are always kept anonymous so your community stays protected and you stay informed.

Made for churches

Your members and online visitors are matched to a dataset of 300 million Americans to analyze and predict characteristics that churches care about like spiritual openness and marriages.

Support when you need it

Our friendly team of experts is ready to help you get the most out of Insights+ with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and tech support from our Support Center 24/7 when you need it.

Invest in a Better Way to Know and Engage Your Online Visitors

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Reach the right people with the right message, online or in-person

Re-engage your known and unknown online visitors and connect with the people who could benefit most from your ministries with social media advertising.

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